Stories from our candidates

James Curry - asbestos remediation project manager at Kiwa Compliance, formerly Oyster Bay

James and Oyster Bay were a true match. Oesterbaai and Saferspaces continued together under the name Kiwa Compliance as of January 1, 2017. Initially, we nominated James for an open position. The click and trust were so great that Oesterbaai quickly offered James a position with even more responsibility: asbestos remediation project leader. James now leads large remediation projects in the chemical industry. James on the guidance provided by Easycrew: 'The contact with Easycrew was very pleasant and I was always called back quickly. I was particularly surprised by their knowledge of the asbestos world and asbestos remediation. It also really felt like the job at Oyster Bay was awarded to me by Easycrew. I appreciated the personal, open approach and intensive communication. I never experienced this in the same way with other recruitment agencies. Easycrew really stands out for its service, friendliness, clear and fast communication and for its open, social and personal approach. Thanks to Easycrew, I now feel like a fish out of water.'

Bart van Dijk - technical superintendent at South End Tanker management

Bart knew one of our founders from a previous working relationship on board. When he wanted to look for a new challenge, he approached several recruitment agencies, including Easycrew. We then proposed a position to Bart, which he would have ignored without our guidance. Bart was used to working for towing services. Bart on his current work and Easycrew: "The click with Easycrew was there right away. Easycrew encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. Working with tankers is completely different from working with tugs. Nevertheless, after 31 years of Fairplay, I resigned and took up the challenge at South End. Because I also had a good click with South End and, moreover, I was willing to learn. Now I am responsible for the technical condition of our fleet of 8 tankers. 60 to 80 percent of the time I am in the office, the rest I am traveling and on board in Northern Europe and around the Black Sea. I am having a great time and learning many new things. I am extremely happy that Easycrew has encouraged me so much and I am also extremely satisfied with the supervision!